In Flight Photographs


In Flight Photographs

"Thanks very much for these; they're a great reminder of a fantastic experience."

The photo is taken whilst in the air on your balloon flight. A lasting memento of your ballooning experience!

Flying in our 'big basket' balloons on a shared flight? You only need to order your in-flight photo once, you do not need to order for every passenger on your voucher.

Your in-flight basket photo will be sent to you via e-mail after your flight along with a small selection of others showing the balloon you flew in (not necessarily during your flight), ideal for use on social media or to show your friends.

These photographs can be purchased at the 'checkout' when ordering your flight vouchers at £20.00

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Photos are (c)Ballooning Network and may be used by us for promotional e.g. social media purposes.

  • Purchasers are licensed for personal use of the photo only, including use on free to use social media.
  • In the event your photo cannot be supplied for technical reasons the charge for it will be refunded.
  • Uploading to commerical/pay to use photo libraries is prohibited, infringes (c).
  • If photos have not arrived three working days after your flight, please check your spam or junk e-folders first in case due to total size of images your e-mail provider has classified the e-attachments as spam/junk.