A Guide to Helicopter Lessons and Helicopter Flying Lessons

pilot and kid smiling in a helicopter

Where Dreams Take Flight

Learning to fly a helicopter is an incredible achievement and offers an unrivalled sense of freedom. But where should you start? Helicopter lessons and helicopter flying lessons may sound similar, but they offer different teaching styles and course lengths.

The Basics of Helicopter Lessons

In conjunction with WonderDays experience days, helicopter lessons usually consist of both theoretical and practical components. The theory part includes aerodynamics, flight controls, and safety measures. The practical aspect involves actually flying a helicopter, albeit with an instructor beside you.

Beyond Basics: Helicopter Flying Lessons

Once you're comfortable with the basics, you may want to proceed to helicopter flying lessons. These are more in-depth courses that often prepare students for a helicopter pilot’s licence. If you're seriously considering a career or long-term involvement in flying a helicopter, these are the courses for you.

Location Matters

While you may find various schools offering lessons, choosing one that is conveniently located is crucial. For those in the North West, flying lessons in Liverpool and flying lessons in Manchester offer excellent options.

Whether you're looking for a basic introduction or in-depth helicopter flying lessons, there's a course out there to suit your needs. And with accredited flight schools across the UK, the sky is literally the limit.